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-school has started since last week
-skipped school on the very first day of lecture D: 
-doing six mods again this semester, hopefully i can cope with the increased workload
-doing one rather interesting (but taxing) music mod.. about music writing and analysis..
-considering adding german lvl 2 to my list of 6 mods.. overload? :|
-marathoned 'celeb to binbo taro', it's okay..I LOVE GOTADA TSUKASA even though he's the baddie in the show... TAKASHI KASHIWABARA IS TOO MUCH LOVE~~~ I NEED MORE OF HIM~~
-which is why i started watching BIG WING too XD TOO CHARMING  AND HANDSOME TO HANDLE *faints*
-ahh what else? 

other than these, life has been pretty bland for me, as usual. on a side note, my colleague whom I always complain about seems quite nice lately. maybe my opinion of her will change for the better? but i still can't stand working there sometimes, it's too boring and i'm doing too much brainless work. my brain needs some workout seriously, it's gonna pass out soon from emptiness... D:

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 should i or should i not go for a one-yr exchange in japan? or maybe i should just go for one sem? o__O there're so many things to consider, money, fyp, graduation, loans, etc etc... i haven't actually applied for any yet, still undecided about which one i should put as first choice, waseda or some other unis that offer one sem exchange. 


 my god, how long has it been since i last updated my blog? this whole school thing is really killing me. well, at least now we're done with all the projects. can't say i did them well, i can only hope it won't pull my grades down too much DDDD: 

now im facing my 7days battle to exams. and after that i'll be freeeeeee!!!! can't wait! 

hello and goodbye

THE BLIND SIDE is a wonderful movie. 

'nuff said. 

next on list ----->  New York, I ♥ You

on a not so impt note, i'll be on a semi-hiatus because of school (this semester is all ready to drive me nuts). but i promise to read my flist and drop random hellos/comments whenever i can. please miss me as i will miss you all :)   gotta get sleep to get ready for german class tomorrow. im quite excited about it XD 

Meri Kuri~

Merry Christmas everyone~

Avatar was great! But I wonder why most of the animals in Pandora look nasty, like you should never mess with them. I'd love to fly on one of those birds though, seems fun! Next on list if SHERLOCK HOLMES. I think I read a story or two before but I never thought of Holmes and Watson as sexy, not until they came along. Robert Downey Jr. is really yummy, I think I first fell in love when I watched Ally McBeal. He has that bad but red-hot sexy kinda charm. *swooooons* And Jude Law ♥♥

Tried making a few icons during this holiday but gah....I think I've lost my touch. I can't seem to get nice crops/colorings these days or maybe i never did but yea.. will try again tomorrow. It's another 79mins to Christmas. Somehow, the festive season has lost its charm on me. I just don't get excited anymore, like, it's just another holiday. I mean, yea it's a special occasion, but I don't celebrate Christmas like going to church and all. I wish I did though, I wonder what it's like to celebrate Christmas in the Christmassy way.

Besides work, I've been busy with marathoning One Piece, Luffy is so idiotically hilarious. He's just living in his own world all the time, says whatever is on his mind, and just do whatever he pleases. I wish I have 3/4 of his traits. And maybe another 1/8 of Robin's intelligence, Zorro's strength, Choppa's cuteness, Usopp's sentiments, Brook's musicality, Franky's confidence, Sanji's determinance and Nami's ... figure? HAHAHAH...

ok, back to one piece.